Chocolat Moose B&B

Chocolat Moose B&B

B&B · Little Buffalo Road 220, 59634 Clancy, États-Unis


Prix: € 118 - 136
Commentaires: -
Nombre de chambres: 4
Arrivée: from 15:00
Départ: till 11:00
Téléphone: +1 (406) 933-9142
Adresse: Little Buffalo Road 220
Résidence: Clancy
Code postal: 59634
État / Province /
Pays: États-Unis
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In Montana, we grow accustom to the vast, rugged and spectacular landscapes that surround us. We also forget that not everyone is so privileged as to have the slow, quiet and relaxing pace of life that we do. At The Chocolat Moose, part of our enjoyment is watching the faces of our awe-struck visitors and seeing the transformation in their daily lifestyle as they become comfortable with leisurely strolls, abundant wildlife, the quiet of the wilderness and in a single word…Montana.
Our French background has also given us a desire to celebrate our heritage with the finest breakfast cuisine in the area at a very unexpected place. Some may think we still eat baked beans out of a can and the animals we just harvested over an open campfire. While this might be true in areas, here at The Chocolat Moose, we prefer finer dining. While our food could adorn some of the finest tables in our home country, we prepare them for you in the presence of God’s country.
The Big Sky State is our home now and we welcome you to share in its magnificence. Allow us to show you Montana hospitality (arguably the finest in the world) and an exquisite culinary experience. Stay in our custom built cabins and partake of the land that gave us the inspiration to plant roots and call this our home. We look forward to hearing from you!

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